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CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE was founded in 2001 and was organized in the current corporate structure in 2015. The company consists of experienced executives of Agronomists, Environmental Engineers, Economists and Business Administration. Their many years of experience meet every challenge of our customers. CHRISTOFOROS AND MYRSINI DERE IKE, specializing in customer service, contributes to the improvement, modernization and development of businesses.

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Subsidized Programs

Exploiting  our rich consulting experience and expertise in the rural community and the primary sector, we have selected handy  applications and integrated systems that serve the needs of producers.

Single Submission Aid Application (OSDE)

With safety, experience and excellent know-how we are close to the Greek producer before, during and after the end of the application for agricultural exploitation.

Submission of Land Registry Declarations

With many years of experience in the implementation of urban planning legislation and civil law, in collaboration with services and professionals involved with rights in rem, we provide technical, financial and legal consulting services regarding real estate management.

Provision of Expertise to Producers

We make sure that our producers remain informed in the context of training programs around the developments concerning modern ways of cultivating agricultural products, having the opportunity for an experiential approach to Greek agricultural activity.

Agricultural Laboratory, Soil and Chemical Analyzes

We provide certifications and fertilization instructions to our customers through the experienced agronomists-soil scientists that we have in our potential.

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