Christoforos and Myrsini Dere IKE is staffed by consultants and researchers of various specialties with many years of experience, high scientific training and professional conscience. In addition, it has a large number of partners, to cover a wide range of activities. It is a company which is active in the field of agricultural and economic-technical studies as well as in the provision of consulting services to agricultural processing and commercial enterprises.

The object of the services of CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE is separated in the following categories, Consulting Services, Technical Services and Support of Business Plans.

Respectively the services include:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Identification of Technological and Operational Needs of Businesses
  • Presentation and Selection of an Appropriate Financing Program.
  • Installation, Support and Guidance of Producer Organizations
  • Organizing of Producer Groups
  • Agricultural Advisory Services
  • Elaborated Techno-Economic Study
  • Project Support, Monitoring and Management
  • Single Submission Aid Application (OSDE) and Transfer of Rights
  • Management Systems
  • Subsidy for Agricultural Investment Programs
  • Analysis and Selection of an Appropriate Business and Investment Plan
  • Administration and Management of Investment Plans
  • Investment Plans Grant

Particularly, CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE has developed specialized know-how in the following areas

Agricultural Laboratory, Soil and Chemical Analyzes

Conducting the analyzes, CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE provides opinions and fertilization instructions to its customers through the experienced agronomists-soil specialists that it has in its potential.

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Providing Expertise to Producers

CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE ensures that its producers remain informed in the context of training programs on developments concerning modern ways of cultivating agricultural products

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Submission of Land Registry Declarations

with many years of experience in the implementation of urban planning legislation and civil law, in collaboration with services and professionals involved with actual rights, provides technical, financial and legal consulting services regarding property management

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Submission of Single Aid Application (OSDE)

CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE in the context of providing integrated services to producers has been certified as a standard center for the submission of OSDE

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