Terms of Sending a Curriculum Vitae

Thank you for your expression of interest to work in the company CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE.

By filling out the form and sending your CV, we are given the opportunity to examine your CV and your described details, and if they meet the formal and substantive requirements of the job for which you expressed interest, to contact you to provide further information or to schedule an interview with you.

Sending your CV and your data through our website automatically means your explicit acceptance of the following terms.


  • All information provided is accurate and true.
  • The information provided does not include information relating to any criminal convictions or offenses or special categories of personal data (such as information on political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union affiliation, genetic or biometric data, health data, etc.) .
  • No information relating to third parties is provided except with the express authorization of the third party (s).

CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE based in Drama, DIMOKRITOU 1, PC 66100, tel .: 2521039400, e-mail:, becomes Responsible for Processing the personal data provided through the above completed “form” and my CV, as well as information that may be required for further evaluation  of my skills and abilities in order to fill an internship or work position in the company CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE.

CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE proceeds to the required processing only of your absolutely necessary personal data and only after the explicit consent of their subject.

In order for the company to confirm that the data subject consents to the processing, an email is sent confirming the subject’s consent and, after following the link it contains, the following message will be sent: “The registration of the CV and of your data was done successfully “.

Purpose of processing:

It is announced that the only purpose of collecting and processing the personal data of the subject, is the evaluation of his abilities and skills to fill the job for which you sent your CV.

Personal data is collected by submitting the CV to the website

The personal data are not transmitted to third parties and access to them has only specially authorized persons by the company CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE, employees and associates, who have committed to maintaining confidentiality.

The personal data submitted hereby are deleted by the company CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE no later than three (3) years from the submission of this form and receipt of the CV, if it is found that no job offer will be submitted by us or otherwise that it is not accepted by you.

Candidates’ rights:

Candidates have the right to apply:

  • Access to personal data
  • Correction or Deletion of personal data
  • Restriction of processing
  • Data portability
  • Opposition to the processing, which may take the form of Revocation of the subject’s consent to the processing of his personal data. It is noted that this Revocation does not affect the processing based on consent, prior to its revocation.


The above requests can be submitted:

  • at the postal address (DIMOKRITOU 1, PC 66100, Drama, Prefecture of Drama) or
  • to the e-mail address of our company

The data subject also has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority, in case he / she considers that the processing of his / her Personal Data violates the applicable data protection legislation.

By sending my CV I consent to the use of my personal data by the company CHRISTOFOROS & MYRSINI DERE IKE, based in Drama, DIMOKRITOU 1, PC 66100.

Curriculum Vitae Submission Page

You can send your CV to the following email address:

Note: You can send your CV with the following form as long as it has a .doc or .docx or .pdf extension and the file size is up to 200Kbytes.

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